Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Open Letter to the National Republican Party

I'm sick of receiving fake census forms from the National Republican Party. Click on the link above for my open letter to the GOP. Feel free to forward and distribute this letter to your heart's content.


Unknown said...

Hi John:
I truly enjoyed your open letter to the Republican National Committee! Well put. Where are their counter details other than "we are against whatever the democrats propose or promote because it won't work"? In order for the two parties to be able to work together, someone from each party must have some ideas which can be combined with the other's ideas and found to be mutually agreeable. Thanks for the bright spot today. Mitch Marsh

JJ said...

Mitch - Thanks for your comment, too. Feel free to distribute that open letter as far and wide as you want. - JJ

Unknown said...

Hi John,
My name is Dan and I recently took a parasitology course and we used Foundations in Parasitology as our text. I really enjoyed that course and I am interested in pursuing graduate work in parasitology. I am interested in many parasitic organisms, but I specifically want to find a parasitologist who is working with genomics & parasites. What source should I use as a directory?

Anonymous said...

Lets start with congress...oh thats right..they have had it since 06....lets has the last 19 months gone? I guess well if one believes in living under the rule of Socialism.