Monday, January 25, 2010

Why are politicians so scientifically illiterate?

Why are politicians so scientifically illiterate? And, why does the press give politicians a pass on science, or even on the matter of evidence (climate change, evolution, etc.)? I'd like to start a discussion of this topic, with some serious suggestions to the press regarding the right questions to ask of those seeking public office. Should we start with Sarah Palin and BIOS 101? The link is to a chapter from my book Pieces of the Plains: Memories and Predictions from the Heart of America (J&L Lee, Lincoln, NE, 2009), and I believe it outlines the issues reasonably well.


Terry said...

An island of understanding in a sea of ignorance: i really like this metaphor.

JJ said...

I've used it a bunch over the years, in various forms, and it seems to be a fairly effective one that could easily be made fairly elaborate.